Refresh page as read record ..More help plz

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Thread: Refresh page as read record ..More help plz

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    Lynn Maharet Guest

    Default Refresh page as read record ..More help plz

    Hi all..<BR><BR>This is pretty major to me and this is the last component for me<BR>to complete my project .. so pleeezzz help me..<BR><BR>I have to display a record info in a table..<BR>The are buttons back and forward..<BR>Back will display the previous record and forward will display the next record..Roughly how do I accomplish this..the steps maybe..Thanks so much....!! ;)

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    matsushita Guest

    Default RE: Refresh page as read record ..More help plz

    hi,considering that you already have a recordset opened.<BR>"recordsetName.movePrev" and <BR>"recordsetName.moveNext" just might do the trick.<BR><BR>those methods enable you to traverse thru the recordset.<BR>afterwhich you can already get the fields via <BR>"recordsetName(&#039fieldname1&#039)" etc...<BR><BR>

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    Lynn Maharet Guest

    Default RE: Can I pass the record object to another page..

    Hi all..<BR><BR>I&#039m at a dilemma whether to use the same page to show the next and previous record OR<BR>use another page for processing and another page for displaying..<BR>Is there any example codes u guys have that is relevant to my problem? I would REALLY appreciate it if u have....thanks soooo much...!<BR>

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