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    reu Guest

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    I have a page that generate some sql command to show the latest information on my database(SQL server 7.0).But the problem that I am facing now is after I modify my record and go back to that page, it still display the old information. I have to go to tools and then internet options to delete the temporary files and refresh again to get the latest information. I try to include response.expires = 0 but it still doesn’t work. Can somebody tell me how to solve the problem.

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    jing Guest

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    this is catching problem.<BR>try it in this way:<BR>someone.asp?time=&#060;%server.urlencode(t imer)%&#062;<BR>using querystring to force server to retrieve page as new page every time. =&#060;%server.urlencode(timer)%&#062; can be any random number.<BR>

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