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    Default Quick WHOIS Script

    Hello,<BR><BR>Anyone have any quick WHOIS scripts in ASP?<BR><BR>Thanks!!

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    Default Generally, they do not work...

    The *only* reliable info available on the server is the IP address of the connected machine. But if that machine is coming through a large ISP (e.g., AOL? Earthlink?) and/or if that machine is behind a firewall (as mine is, here at work), then the IP address you get isn&#039t too terribly helpful to you. It will be shared by anywhere from dozens to thousands of users.<BR><BR>Having said all that...<BR><BR>You *can* do reverse DNS lookup, converting the IP address to some semblance of a location. But you will need a third-party component to do so. You can purchase one from www.serverobjects.com or from Software Artisans. There are probably others.<BR><BR>

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