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    i am using two different functions for ie and netscape. It is working fine in IE5 but in ie4 it is giving the complient object doesnot support. can anyone of the tell where is the problem iam sending my code also...<BR><BR>the error it is showing is "tempWin.focus();"<BR><BR>functions i used is:<BR><BR>function focusActiveIE()<BR>{<BR>if ((tempWin == null) &#124&#124 (tempWin.closed))<BR>{<BR>window.onload();<BR>}<BR >else<BR>{<BR>tempWin.focus(); <BR>}<BR>}<BR><BR><BR><BR>function focusActiveNS()<BR>{<BR>if (tempWin.opener)<BR>{<BR>tempWin.focus();<BR>}<BR> else<BR>{<BR>window.onload();<BR><BR>}<BR>}<BR><BR >thanks<BR>sree <BR>

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    Default Not showing right part of code?

    I don&#039t think there is anything wrong with the code you show.<BR><BR>I think the problem is where you are setting a value into "tempWin".<BR><BR>Note the message: "object does not support..." <BR><BR>Which is, apparently, saying that the object referenced by tempWin does not have a method called focus. So if you are referencing the wrong object, everything would make sense.<BR><BR>You might want to check out and the JavaScript FAQ for faster help on JS questions.<BR><BR>

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