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    I have a page where the user submits one or more counties from a listbox.<BR>On the second page I have a recordset DTC connected to a SQL server stored<BR>procedure with a parameter for county. The query should return all records<BR>for the county(ies) the user selects. This works using an Access front-end<BR>and SQL server back end using ADO. However I don&#039t know how to get it<BR>working for the web. How do you specify multiple selections for a parameter<BR>in the parameters tab on the recordset DTC and in the data command? I can<BR>get it to work using request.form ("countylist") or request.querystring<BR>("countylist") but it only works if the user selects a single county. <BR>

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    after selecting multiple values from a list box when you requesting in the very next page, the value of that list box object like this a,b,c,d,e,f. now when you are running any query on the basis of this list box value first of all you have to split the value by "," (if it is more than one selected) in the back end and according to that you have to use/pass in your query to access the records on the basis of the selected values.<BR>i hope it may help you.

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