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    Hello,<BR>I have a query in which I am searching for a LIKE word. In my output table could you give me the syntax to bold the word which was searched. E.g. searchstring=&#039%company%&#039.<BR><BR>Found 3 words:<BR>--------------<BR>Bob Company<BR>International Company Systems<BR>Company, inc.<BR>How would I bold the word "Company" ONLY!! Thanks

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    Default Basic HTML

    The best way to see this done is use FrontPage or another WYSIWYG editor. Highlight the word, bold it, and then look at the source.<BR><BR>You can also search MSDN to find out what HTML tags do what. Try<BR><BR>or<BR>

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    You could use the replace.<BR>Replace(string, find, replace, start, count, comparetype)<BR><BR><BR>

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