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    i Visual interdev i have option save as unicode asp files, can any person help me to get detail of it.

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    Unicode is a way of representing text for *ALL* the common languages on Earth, even Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc. (within limits).<BR><BR>Instead of using one byte per character, unicode uses two bytes, and each language is assigned a range of the possible 65536 values. The characters with decimal values from 0 to 127 (the so-called "ASCII" characters) are the same as we are used to. All characters with values from 128 to 65535 have non-ASCII graphical representations.<BR><BR>Why would you save in unicode? Because VBScript/JScript use *only* unicode, internally, and so you save the step of converting an 8-bit file to 16-bit internal representation (at the cost of some other conversions...nothing is free). You might also save in unicode if that language you are using does not have a MultiByte Character Set (MBCS) representation. It just simplifies things, that&#039s all.<BR><BR>Offhand, I would say there is no reason to save as unicode unless you happen to be developing in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc.--languages that have more than 256 characters in their ordinary written language.<BR><BR>

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