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    Cindy Guest

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    I am trying to structure a select statement using the like operator to return records sorted by the third number in a file number.<BR><BR>ie.<BR>sql = "select rm, [File Number], [bid close date], [cult acres], [legal description], [new assess], sold, [total acres] from [bid ad data for land sales] where file number like "___2%"" <BR><BR>How can I represent the first three wildcard numbers?<BR><BR>

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    Scott S Guest

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    in MS SQL Server you can use a pattern or a regular expression there. What db are you using? MS SQL, Access, Oracle?<BR><BR>I&#039d check or for more infor or documentation<BR><BR><BR>Scott S<BR><BR>

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    Cindy Guest

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    I am using an access database. Can you give me the syntax to try?

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