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    Ruchir Guest

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    What is scrrun.dll?

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    Rob Guest

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    SYMPTOMS<BR>You may receive an Invalid Page Fault when closing down your application if you have accessed certain properties of the Microsoft Scripting Run-time Objects in your code. The details of the error will start as follows: <BR><BR>[AppName] caused an invalid page fault in module SCRRUN.DLL at 0137:6b801185. <BR>[AppName] is the name of the executable. So, if you are running the compiled EXE, [AppName] is the name of your EXE, and if you run the project from the IDE, [AppName] is the Visual Basic executable, either Visual Basic version 5.0 or version 6.0. The memory address and offset at the end of the message may vary. <BR><BR><BR><BR>CAUSE<BR>This error occurs if you have version 5.x of the Scrrun.dll file and your operating system is Windows 95. This does not occur on Windows 98, Windows NT and Windows 2000, or with version 4.x of the Scrrun.dll file. <BR><BR><BR><BR>STATUS<BR>Microsoft has confirmed this to be a bug in the Microsoft products listed at the beginning of this article.<BR><BR><BR><BR>MORE INFORMATION<BR><BR>Steps to Reproduce Behavior<BR>Make sure that you have version 5.x of the Scrrun.dll file installed.<BR><BR><BR>Start a new Standard EXE Project in Visual Basic. Form1 is created by default.<BR><BR><BR>From the Project menu, choose References, and select "Microsoft Scripting Run-time" in the References dialog box. Click OK.<BR><BR><BR>Add the following code to the Declarations Section of Form1:<BR><BR><BR><BR>Private Sub Form_Click()<BR> Dim fso As FileSystemObject<BR> Dim d As Drive<BR><BR> Set fso = New FileSystemObject<BR> Set d = fso.GetDrive("C:")<BR> MsgBox f.AvailableSpace<BR> Set fso = Nothing<BR> Set d = Nothing<BR>End Sub <BR>From the File menu, click Make Project1.exe to compile the executable.<BR><BR><BR>Run the compiled executable. Click on the form and the message box displays. Click OK in the message box and then close the form. <BR><BR><BR>Result: The Invalid Page Fault occurs.

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    Rob Guest

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    MORE INFORMATION<BR>FileSystemObject can be found in Scrrun.dll. In addition to FileSystemOject, Scrrun.dll includes four other objects available for File I/O and other tasks. These objects include the File object, the TextStreamObject object, the Folder object, and the Drive object. All of these objects have properties and methods that are detailed in the Help files. <BR><BR>You can obtain Scrrun.dll by installing one of the following packages: <BR><BR><BR>Windows Script Host<BR>Windows NT Option Pack<BR>Microsoft Internet Information Server 3.0<BR>Scripting 3.1 upgrade<BR>Visual Studio 6.0<BR>Visual Basic 6.0 <BR><BR>Regards,<BR>Rob

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