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    Franks Guest

    Default selecting from multiple fields

    I need to select a record or records only if it matches two separate fields, right now I have:<BR><BR>"SELECT * FROM Documents_Table WHERE Discipline = " & "&#039Business&#039" & "&#039 AND Form of Document = &#039" & "&#039Client Document&#039" & " ORDER BY Client asc, Title asc" <BR><BR>But it is not selecting any records even though some match, any ideas?

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    Daza Guest

    Default Is it an access table ?

    If so try <BR><BR>AND [Form of Document] = <BR><BR>Also i don&#039t think you need the single quotes around your AND statement

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    Franks Guest

    Default Yes and thanks

    Thank you it worked perfectly

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    Franks Guest

    Default RE: selecting from multiple fields

    Out of curiousity why does it need brackets around it?

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    Sid Guest

    Default RE: selecting from multiple fields

    Because of the spaces in the field name .<BR>I beleive it thinks that it is looking at 3 different fields.<BR><BR>try using an _ between the words in future that will cure the prob.<BR><BR>Might help to explain it.

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    Daza Guest

    Default RE: selecting from multiple fields

    Sid Saves me explaining it

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