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    everything below pertains to server side scripting<BR>our site has jscript as default language.<BR>now we want to integrate with a client who has vbscript as default language.<BR>since our content will only be part of the eventual html produced.<BR>can I possibly define a default language and then overide it another one from within a sequence of asp page execution for a user visit to the integrated site ?.. as far as I know asp allows &#060;%@ language=.. sign to be used only once for a sequence of execution.<BR>The alternatives if this is not possible is<BR>-to convert all our asp pages in vbscript or force client to do jscript<BR>-to replce &#060;% tags in our jscript asp with &#060;script language=jscript runat=server&#062; or vice versa<BR>either alternative is tedious<BR><BR><BR>Any help will be highly appreciated?

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    You should consider the second solution. This will be tedious on your end to be sure but then your client is insulated from changing any code. Also, you wouldn&#039t have to recode all your pages from scratch. Alternatively, if you may be teaming up with other clients in the future who also run vbscript as the default then perhaps this is a good time to switch over.

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    Are you integrating code or is it just pages that do not have @Language defined?<BR><BR>Are you trying to #include VBS in a JS page?<BR><BR>(I&#039m sure you knew this)<BR>The default scripting language should really not change much if you have used the @Language(Best Practices no?) in every page.

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