I have a PC running windows 98, IE 5. I installed PWS4 from the windows 98 CD, I fixed the mtssetup.dll problem but now whenever I try to shutdown windows or start PWS I got an error (Inetinfo.exe caused an invalid page fault error in KERNEL32.DLL at module 0177:bff7b936). I read a message in the Microsoft.public.win98.pws_4 newsgroup about an issue with MDAC. So, I went to Microsoft and got the latest MDAC2.1 and MDAC2.1.2 updates. Still, same error. I probably made the wrong decision but I uninstalled PWS and downloaded the one that came with Windows nt option pack. Well, same error, eh...<BR><BR> What do I do now? I don&#039t want to reformat and start over. Can anybody<BR>help?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR>Steven Gilmore<BR><BR>