Is My Web Host Company B.S.'ing Me?

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Thread: Is My Web Host Company B.S.'ing Me?

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    For the past several weeks, all my ASP pages in my website have been intermittantly inaccessible. If you click on a hyperlink that points to an ASP page, the web browser just hangs... and hangs... and hangs -- while my html pages are fine. I have to call my web host to re-start IIS.<BR><BR>My web host says that whenever IIS encounters a bad ASP script (in either my website or another website that shares my server), it will hang. <BR><BR>Is this true? Do I have to check my ASP pages every hour just to make sure that they are accessible? This happens at LEAST three times during a given day. Shouldn&#039t they be monitoring this themselves?<BR><BR>Is my web host b.s.&#039ing me??!??!

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    I know that on my Intranet development server running IIS 4.0 when I try to run an asp page with bad script It opens the script debugger on the server to the line that it has a problem with so next time ask them about that and they should be able to tell you the code line it hung on<BR><BR>Steve Miller

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    Jason Buck Guest

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    They are not B.S. ing you with the exception that the script should time out. When you get a loop that becomes endless, it will not run until the end of time because the script will time out. You ISP should have some set to do this.<BR>This could cause 100% CPU Utilization until the page times out.<BR><BR>If the page get&#039s an error message then that should instantly release the CPU Utilization.<BR><BR>So ask them how long they have the IIS Script time out set to.<BR><BR>Respectfully,<BR><BR>Jason Buck<BR>

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