I have created a custom COM. I would like to use it from my ASP page. The COM is already registered. I am using Visual Interdev and PWS on NT workstation.<BR><BR>What are the necessary steps to follow in order to use "Server.CreateObject(&#039MyCom.Test&#039)" on ASP?<BR>Do I need to refer the COM on my Web Project so that TypeLib information is generated in the &#039global.asa&#039 file.<BR><BR>When I give reference the following error was generated:<BR><BR>Active Server Pages error &#039ASP 0223&#039 <BR>TypeLib Not Found <BR>/BackUpHub2K/global.asa, line 2 <BR>METADATA tag contains a Type Library specification that does not match any Registry entry. <BR><BR>But I know that the COM was registered. Without the reference, I could create the intance of the COM using "Server.CreateObject" and also using &#060;object runat=server ID=myID progID="MyCom.VBVB"&#062;&#060;/Object&#062;<BR><BR>So I am confused. Which is the appropriate way to create instance? Do I need to refer the COM explicitly in our web?<BR><BR>Any Ideas would be highly appreciated. <BR><BR>