I need to insert a record into a FoxPro table evertime a record is entered into a SQL Server Table (Both tables are called Customer). I have absolutely no control over the layout of either table. I have created a linked server to the FoxPro table and I can select from it and insert into it (from Query analyzer). But when I put the insertion code into a trigger, I get the following message: &#039The operation could not be performed because the OLE DB provider &#039MDASQL&#039 does not support distributed transactions. Here is the code for my trigger. (I tried just doing a insert...from select... but I kept gettting syntax errors, so I went to this format):<BR><BR>CREATE TRIGGER [trgInsertIntoQuoteDesk] ON [Customer] <BR>FOR INSERT <BR>AS<BR>DECLARE @ThisQueryString VARCHAR(255)<BR>DECLARE @ThisCompany VARCHAR(35)<BR>DECLARE @ThisPhone VARCHAR(12)<BR>DECLARE @ThisFax VARCHAR(12)<BR>DECLARE @ThisAdd1 VARCHAR(30)<BR>DECLARE @ThisAdd2 VARCHAR(30)<BR>DECLARE @ThisCity VARCHAR(20)<BR>DECLARE @ThisState CHAR(2)<BR>DECLARE @ThisZip CHAR(10)<BR>DECLARE @ThisDate DATETIME<BR>DECLARE @ThisUser VARCHAR(8)<BR>DECLARE @ThisSalesRep VARCHAR(8)<BR>DECLARE @ThisLocationNmbr VARCHAR(8)<BR>DECLARE @ThisBillToNmbr VARCHAR(8)<BR><BR><BR>SET @ThisUser = SUSER_SNAME()<BR>SET @ThisDate=GetDate()<BR><BR>SELECT @ThisCompany = Customer.Company, @ThisPhone=Customer.Phone,@ThisFax= Customer.Fax,@ThisAdd1= Customer.Address1,@ThisAdd2= Customer.Address2,@ThisCity=Customer.City,@ThisSta te=Customer.State,@ThisZip=Customer.Zip,<BR>@ThisS alesRep=Customer.SalesRep, @ThisLocationNmbr=Customer.LocationNmbr, @ThisBillToNmbr=Customer.BillToNmbr <BR>FROM Customer INNER JOIN INSERTED <BR>ON Customer.LocationNmbr = INSERTED.LocationNmbr<BR>IF @ThisLocationNmbr = @ThisBillToNmbr<BR>BEGIN <BR>IF (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM vwTempFromQDesk WHERE Cust_Num = @ThisLocationNmbr) = 0<BR>BEGIN<BR>INSERT INTO OPENQUERY(QDeskServer,&#039SELECT* FROM Customer&#039) <BR>(Comp_Nam, Cust_Num, Phone, HmPhone, Addr_Ln1, Addr_Ln2, City, State, Zip, Added_When, Added_By, AccountRep)<BR>VALUES<BR>(@ThisCompany,@ThisLocati onNmbr,@ThisPhone,@ThisFax,@ThisAdd1,@ThisAdd2,@Th isCity,@ThisState,@ThisZip,@ThisDate,@ThisUser,@Th isSalesRep)<BR>END<BR>END<BR><BR>sorry about the tabs. Unfortuanetly I did not write the programs that use either of these tables, but the data needs to be consistant, so the only way I could think to do that is with a trigger.<BR>