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    OK yes, I have read all the FAQ&#039s etc re dealing with single quotes and insert statements, but what about double quotes?<BR><BR>If I want to insert <BR>"The quick fat fox said "I want to eat that chicken" to me" (excuse the bad grammar)<BR><BR>I have a problem.<BR><BR>The record will be truncated after said. I have tried using "" with the same problem, while if I use &quot; it works the first time, but if I pull up the record for editing then &quot is converted to " on the form and so of course then it will get truncated again at said.<BR><BR>What is the solution.<BR><BR>Stuart<BR><BR>

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    Isn&#039t there an article in 4Guys that goes something like this:<BR><BR>strNewVariable = Replace(strOldVariable, """, """") ... or something like that ...<BR><BR>

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