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    Simon Cooper Guest

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    Hi,<BR><BR>I&#039m developing an intranet to allow uploading and downloading of 3D Models<BR>in our work group.<BR><BR>I have tried various upload/download components and have the upload<BR>process working fine.<BR><BR>My problem is the downloading of the files, i have an asp file called <BR>"downloadmodel.asp" and within this use SA-File Mangager like so:<BR><BR>Dim oFM, oBS<BR>Set oFM = CreateObject("SoftArtisans.FileManager")<BR>Set oBS = oFM.OpenBinaryFile( path )<BR>Response.BinaryWrite( oBS.ReadAll )<BR>oBS.Close<BR><BR>This works but the SaveAs Dialog always shows save file<BR>"downloadmodel.asp".<BR><BR>I&#039ve tried setting the Response.ContentType but alot of these models are<BR>different formats and I don&#039t really want to have to set the MIME<BR>extensions on every client browser!<BR><BR>Any help or ideas would be very much appreciated (I am quite new to this<BR>ASP malarky!)<BR><BR>Cheers<BR><BR>Simon Cooper<BR>

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    Chrace Guest

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    Dunno the component well enough, but doesn&#039t it have a FileName property or something?<BR><BR>I am very interested, since I have similar problem - I just need to get people to download f.ex. HTML files instead of having them shown. This might be a solution.<BR><BR>I will try testing some during the day, check back later (between 8-9 am this servers time) or send an email to cbouet@c-log.com

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