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    yls Guest

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    &nbsp;<BR>Hi, i am running on winnt with iis as my personal computer. I have ms sql<BR>server also. Now there is another machine with sql server with winnt and<BR>iis. The issue is that now i want to connect from my pc to the other<BR>machine. I did this with register server wizard. I faced the below problem.<BR><BR>1) while i was waiting for the server to fully register, it came up with<BR>this mesage.<BR>dev_server01 (my server name).. and this is the message.. <BR> client unable to establish connection<BR><BR><BR>Please help<BR><BR>my computer can detect the dev_server01 (the computer which i am going to register) I know that because when i issue ping dev_server01, the connection is still open

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    suresh datla Guest

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    This problem is mainly due to the missing components on your server,The Best thing you can do is re install the IIS on the server and then try again.Hope this helps.:-})

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