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    Kerry Guest

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    I do a query to an access database and retrive a single record. That record contains about 130 fields. I reference the fields by using UserRecordSet.Fields.Item. I update a single field so it&#039s contents match Request.Form.Item of the same name. I then try to update the database with the command UserrecordSet.Update.<BR><BR>I get the error saying "Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment"<BR><BR>I have used the same logic on other webs, and had no trouble. Is there any change that I will have to reassign all items of the UserReocrdSet in the Update command?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Kerry

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    Joel M Guest

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    Try using a SQL statement instead of updating the recordset...<BR>----------<BR><BR>sql = "UPDATE table SET item = &#039"& request.form("item") &"&#039 WHERE itemID = "& varItemID<BR><BR>----------<BR><BR>make sure to include the WHERE clause, or it&#039ll put that value into every record<BR><BR>hope it helps<BR><BR>Joel<BR>www.scifiencounters.com

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