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    OK, I think this is fairly simple, but before I start mapping this out, I wanted to get your take on this.<BR><BR>Server A at Location A has a tab delimited file exported from their db. Lets say for argument that their columns are ITEM, QTY, and PRICE.<BR><BR>Server B at Location B needs the same data, but arranged a tad different. They need the columns called ITEMS, QUANTITY, and COST. And, they need ITEMS at the end rather than beginning column.<BR><BR>They don&#039t care what process it takes to get there, but they need to do it a few times a day. Any thoughts on easiest overall procedure? I have some ideas, but want to make sure I don&#039t "overthink" this one.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Paul <BR>

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    if you have oracle or sql server you could use replication, it may be scheduled and works fine.<BR><BR>i don&#039t think that access has it.

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