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    I&#039d like to know what kind of issues others may have experienced when trying to access an oracle backend via ASP programming. I will be looking at accessing the data from an Oracle db and wonder if there could be any other issues besides choosing the &#039right&#039 oracle driver.<BR><BR>Any tips, hints, etc?<BR><BR>TIA<BR><BR>Bill

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    &nbsp;<BR>Just watch out for subtle differences in SQL syntax. Oracle&#039s SQL is pretty darned powerful, but it is also pretty unlike either Access or SQL Server. Watch out especially for Oracle&#039s way of getting an "autonumber." It&#039s similar to SQL Server (i.e., you should use a store procedure), but not quite the same.<BR><BR>(No, I don&#039t remember off the top of my head what it looks like...I played with Oracle briefly about a year or so ago. Yes, from ASP. It was quite usable. Our entire set of internal ASP applications runs on top of Oracle on a Solaris machine...of course, so does the ASP code. [big grin])<BR><BR><BR>< BR><BR>

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