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    nath Guest

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    Hello friends,<BR><BR>Scenario:<BR>1. I am developing a screen in ASP. Its nothing but a questionnaire web page. There are more than 50 to 60 questions and I have grouped the questions logically into 4 or 5 web pages. After answering the questions in First page, the user will click on "Continue" button and will proceed to next page and like that he will be go to the final page. <BR><BR>I am keeping all the answers to the questions in session variables. And when the user clicks on "submit" button on the final page, I will insert all the values of the session variables into the database (SQL server) as a single record.<BR><BR>Question:<BR>Is it correct of storing in session variables and then pushing into table finally. Is there any other alternative method , which is better in terms of performance? By storing values in session variables, if there are about 100 users concurrently, and 40 session variables for each session, won&#039t the performance be effected?<BR><BR>Please pass your comments on this.<BR><BR>Thank you<BR>basam nath<BR>

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    Tristan Guest

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    I usually just keep passing all of the values along in hidden form inputs, requesting from the previous page. A little less elegant, but works every time.

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    what you could do is this...if youre trying to pass values between pages just use a temporary table in your database to write all of your values too, and just call that unique id that each record will have, and pass that through your querystring on your web page...this way, your server won&#039t take up crazy amounts of memory and the client won&#039t have to download things that are useless to them, and will make there life on your site all that much more better....make sense?

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    nath Guest

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    thank you for your suggestion. Do you have any code available <BR>which might help me to understand more.<BR><BR>nath

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