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Thread: Changing clients bookmarks thru ASP

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    Default Changing clients bookmarks thru ASP

    Is there any way of finding a certain URL in the browsers bookmarks (Netscape and IE) and then being able to change the URL. I want to impliment this instead of using &#039 404&#039 and redirects.<BR><BR>Thanx guys

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    I don&#039t think you can write to the browser favorites. Why? What if I replace your entire selection of favorites with porno sites? You&#039d be pretty pissed, right?<BR><BR>I&#039m not sure if you have read access to it though. Your best bet is to search MSDN.

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    Default No.

    1) It violates the server-content-client model established by ASP whereby the server delivers a batch of content regardless of whether the user is on Netscape, IE, on riding a Peruvian Alpaca. You could, however, try to do this in something like JavaScript if it weren&#039t for the fact that<BR><BR>2) It&#039s a massive security violation. &#060;logic type=sneaky&#062;Why bother tracking users when you can just read their bookmarks?&#060;/logic&#062; Consumers get all whiney when they feel like their being watched. So you don&#039t get to play with their bookmarks. (Don&#039t feel too bad, neither do I.)<BR><BR>"Illuminate the opposition." (--Adam W)

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