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    I put user email address in database via form. I send newsletter to them. I have a "to unsubscribe reply to this email with unsubscribe in the body". Problem is that I have to manually do each one. I havent found any support from Microsoft on how read the text for "unsubscribe" then get the email address and the rest I can do without a problem. This would make it automatic. Any help would be great.<BR>Thank you,

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    Is purchasing/using LYRIS out of the question? It is a listserv product that I&#039ve used before to manage this sort of thing (email/newsgroup/subscriptions). Works wonderful and has lots of functionality.<BR><BR>Otherwise, there are all sorts of ways to hack some (probably not very elegant) solutions up. One of which is to create an ASP interceptor page (instead of emailing an account, they click on a web-page and THEIR email address must be entered in order to unsubscribe or this could even be coded in the link)<BR><BR>&#060;a href=""&#062;Unsubscribe Me&#060;/a&#062;<BR><BR>...where as the unsubscribe querystring paramter is the email address to auto delete from the database when the .asp page is invoked. Or this interceptor page could take that unsubscripe querystring parameter and write it out to text file...and then you delete them in batches to from the database via WSH. <BR><BR>Good Luck.

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