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    Rob Guest

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    Upon studying COM and looking to start using it, I have a couple of comments and questions that I would like feedback on. COM does not seem to be used for speed. COM sounds resource intensive without the use of MTS. So COM would be good for n=tier applications to avoid the reduncy of coding and that is it&#039s biggest advantage.<BR><BR>Please respond and let me know your htoughts.<BR><BR>Rob<BR><BR>

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    pillai Guest

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    i too agree with ur view since i have used COM in<BR>our projects.it reduces the burden of the frontend like ASP<BR>

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    ASP code is not inherently modularized, which often results in fragmentation of your code. VB forces the developer to use functions/subs to keep structure to their code. ASP code is not precompiled, meaning that it takes longer for the server to compile the ASP code and run it than it does for it to instanciate a DLL and run a pre-compiled function within it. And of course, VB offers an environment that is more familiar and little bit easier to use than interdev.

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