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Thread: starting a new project.

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    Project Guest

    Default starting a new project.

    Any reference material about project management online? What should I be careful about?

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    Obvious Guest

    Default RE: starting a new project.

    Yes. Many things.

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    Shedao Shai Guest

    Default Here's a few I use

    I sometimes use this as a reference:<BR><BR><BR>The Project Management org. They have a good set of guidlines for managing a project. I just take them as pointers and not a set of rigid guidlines. I rarely have a team of more than 5 developers but the techniques they developed help you keep manage small or large projects.<BR><BR><BR>I also like to visit and as I am not a project manager, but a lead developer and these sites apply directly to me. Extreme programming helps you in your time estimation, scheduling, risk analysis, and the actual coding itself. I don&#039t subscribe to it rigidly though, rather i try to use it as a set of guidlines to keep the project on track and at the same time build better code.

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    Project Guest

    Default RE: Here's a few I use

    Thank you

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