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Thread: URGENT!!

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    Pradiyheet McDowell Guest

    Default URGENT!!

    I have a very urgent need. <BR><BR>I am needing anyone to give to me the code for a complete customer relationship management system (CRM) using VBScript and Oracle, with all relevant features. I must have this today in order to meet a deadline and to keep my job.<BR><BR>I am impatiently waiting, so respond immediately.<BR>

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    ??? Guest

    Default RE: URGENT!!

    Are you kidding???

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    Pradiyheet McDowell Guest

    Default Addendum

    I am thinking that perhaps the kind people who helped me with the answers to my interview questions when I began this employment will now step forth to offer this very kind assistance?<BR><BR>I am waiting, please respond now!

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    Pradiyheet McDowell Guest

    Default RE: URGENT!!

    I am not undrstanding in your question.<BR><BR>This is urgent. For my employment.<BR><BR>Are you able to help me? I am waiting now.

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    Cow and Chicken Guest

    Default RE: Addendum

    I would clear you desk now my friend, walk before you are pushed.<BR><BR>Do you know how lond it would take one person to write a complete Customer Relationship Management Systems. It would probably take a team of develoeprs months.<BR><BR>

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    Good Luck Guest

    Default Here's a web site that can help

    Go to www.monster.com and click on &#039Post Resume&#039

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    Incredulous Guest

    Default Let's see if I understand this...

    You came to this message board to get the answers to the questions that got you the job in the first place, and now you are coming here hoping that those same people will also do your job for you?

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    Pradiyheet McDowell Guest

    Default RE: Let's see if I understand this...

    I am happy to find that you are in understanding of my need.<BR><BR>However, I am still impatient for your solution.

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    Please... Guest

    Default RE: Let's see if I understand this...

    &nbsp;<BR>Go get a life... What an incredibly ignorant request that you have made...

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    Pradiyheet McDowell Guest

    Default RE: Here's a web site that can help

    I went to the site you are mentioning in your email. This does not appear to be an ASP support website.<BR><BR>Thnak you for your assist with this urgent need.

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