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    How can i concatenate date.Actually i am using drop down list for month,day,year and collecting values in other asp<BR>using request.form but i dont know how to put three values in one variable and then use in insert into statement.If you need<BR>any more clarifications then please let me know.<BR>Thankx in advance

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    Try this<BR>DIM tempDate<BR>&#039make sure its all in one line<BR>tempDate = Request.form("Month") & "/" & Request.form("Day") & "/" & Request.form("year") <BR>&#039now insert into table<BR><BR>strsql = "insert into tablename values(&#039" & tempDate & "&#039)<BR><BR>Hope this help<BR>Asif<BR>

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    Default ASP???....ADVANCED????

    dtmCompleteDate = request.form("Month Combobox") & "/" & request.form("Day Combobox") & "/" request.form("Year Combobox") <BR><BR>You will have to also have the values set to the same data you are displaying in each combo

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