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Thread: 'pagesize' property of recordset

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    Default 'pagesize' property of recordset

    I am not able to seperate the records into different pages(i.e<BR>I want to seperate 120 records into 5 pages i.e 25 records per page).I am not able to use &#039pagesize&#039 property of recordset as i am using MSDAOR1 as my provider for ORACLE database.I know that it is possible in MS-ACCESS database.<BR>I will display 1 2 3 4 5 6 in the bottom of main page.While clicking on the these numbers i want to get the corresponding records like 1-20,21-40 .....<BR>If it is possible please send the code also.I tried a lot on this.I don&#039t want to again and again creating the recordset while i am clicking on 1 2 3 ....

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    This is a *fairly* straightforward task. If you don&#039t want to figure it out yourself I suggest searching for this functionality; as I&#039ve seen multiple ASP related sites that document this very functionality.

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