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    I am putting a timesheet table onto a page where the user puts in a date (or up to 5 dates) and then the hours worked on different areas during that day - for example there are five categories and they may have worked differing hours on each one or no hours on some for that day. Given that they could fill in 5 days at once or only 1 day - how do i seperate the days so that the filled ones go into their own record in a table? ie for the 18th sep they might have worked 1 hr on A 6hr on B 4hr on C.<BR>for 19th sep they worked 4hr on A and 1hr on D etc..hope this makes sense:)

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    If you go the array route, one thing you could do is to add additional ASCII delimter to the end of each input for that that the array would conceptually look something like:<BR><BR>8,7,8&#124 3,8,1,3,5&#124 9&#124<BR><BR>Then when you parse the array for DB insertion you&#039ll need to check for the existence of &#124 prior to a new user input.<BR><BR>Hope that helps.

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