How do i implement logging off?

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Thread: How do i implement logging off?

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    In simple words i want to implement signing off from the site.<BR><BR>When i start the site i take the name of the database (since i have multiple databases with multiple users) in a session variable. I have implemented a simple log off wherein when he says log off the session is abandoned and he is disconnected from the database. What i want to implement is when he says log off he should actually be logged of and even when he goes back using the back button of the browser he should not be able to see anything that was there on the page before he logged off. How do i implement this?

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    You&#039ll need to set a session timeout when you set the session, and on each subsequent page verify the session still exists (has not timed out yet) ... and if the session has timed out (closed the browser, exceeded timeout max), redirect the user to the logon page.<BR><BR>Hope that helps. Good luck.

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