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    What are the efficient means to continuously download info from the server to the client PC without client intervention ? Heard about PUSH technology, but is that the only way ? How does the online stock exchanges do the continous update on the stock prices ?

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    Well having a client browser constantly connected via an ASP is not the best way, for example. The reason PUSH is recommended is because it does not need to stay connected at all times to the server, and because you are guaranteed more timely delivery than if the client must check the server occasionally. Stock Market tickers may be a little different, because the data is changing extremely rapidly. If the data is not truly "continuous" then PUSH is going to perform a lot better, because you won&#039t have continuous socket connections in use that you have to work with. <BR><BR>If it is truly continuous, you should consider a java applet or activex component if you really want it delivered through a browser. This client would need to establish a connection with the server and "sleep" until a message is received from it, and occasionally send keep alive type requests.

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    Thanks Stephen. Let say my requirement now is to send a batch of new and old info to 500 client logon browser everytime there is changes in the info. This changes will be randomly done, but says the quickest will be every 5sec. With this, which method will be most appropriate then ? You mentioned about applet and components, can you let me know too where to find necessary info on this for this kind of usage ?<BR><BR>Today, I came across Active Channel Technology, would this be useful ?

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