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    I have a interface with 2 frames :left and right. The left frame is used to show the main menu and the right frame is the target frame. I set the session variable to avoid user to get into the page without login in or after the connection time has over.If this happen i will response.redirect them to the login page. But my problem is the login consists of "no" frame.So how should i code to go back to a full window without frame to show the login page.My program currently will redirect them to the login page but the login page will appear at the right frame which is not I wanted.Pls help and thanks a lot.

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    Well,<BR><BR>I have that very same problem, I have not found a "good" solution, currently what i do is this<BR><BR>on the top of the page, i say if len(session) < 1 then<BR> redirect to a page with a link to the form and a target attribute of _top<BR><BR>Unfortunately i haven&#039t found anything better.<BR><BR>skol`

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