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    Hi,<BR>I would like to run a function where it compares 2 different time.Plus I would like to use the server time.<BR><BR>e.g<BR><BR>if 12:00 am + 5 minutes &#062; 12.03 am then<BR>.....<BR>...<BR>end if<BR><BR>Please Help

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    As BalletChick would say, RTFM.<BR><BR>Look at the VBScript reference material for the functions DateAdd and DateDiff. Between the two of them, they&#039ll do exactly what you want.<BR><BR>Don&#039t have the VBS ref materials? Click on the words "VBScript Reference" in the left hand column of this page, under the category "Reference". Then click on Functions and find the descriptions of these functions therein.<BR><BR>Incidentally, you don&#039t have any choice: You *must* use server time. ASP doesn&#039t have access to the clock on the user&#039s machine.<BR><BR>

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