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    IN Search Engines u enter 2 words for example(AuthorName, BookName)and click enter and it should find the results and display it on the next page. If u enter Author Name then it will show u a list of books by that author...So how do we read both the words and display the results. What function do u use in order to assign the two words to variables and do a search and display the results??

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    Default Look at "Split"

    words = Split("Dickens Cities")<BR><BR>will give you an array just as if you had done:<BR><BR>Dim words(1)<BR>words(0) = "Dickens"<BR>words(1) = "Cities"<BR><BR>NOW...<BR><BR>What do you do when the user types in<BR><BR> &nbsp; "Charles Dickens A Tale Of Two Cities"<BR><BR>???<BR><BR>You start looking for "A" and you&#039re gonna get lots and lots and lots of matches.<BR><BR>Text search engines generally do *NOT* work the same way as you would use a relational database. Be forewarned.<BR>

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