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    Boru Guest

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    I would like to print to the user a list (of about 30 items) in order. This order would be numerical, based on a corresponding value for each item. How do this, print a list in numerical order?

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    Tristan Guest

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    "SELECT items FROM table ORDER BY correspondingvalue"

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    LeeAnnie Guest

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    You can do this two ways:<BR><BR>1) If your values are coming from a database, then just use ORDER BY.<BR>Example:<BR>SELECT items FROM yourTable ORDER BY items;<BR><BR>2) Populate an array and then call a function such as Quicksort to alphabetize it. Quicksort can be found at http://www.4guysfromrolla.com/webtech/012799-1.shtml<BR><BR>HTH

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    Boru Guest

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    No database stuff: dont know how to do that yet

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