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    I am trying to calculate new date based on users input. <BR>user entered lock effective date and lock term (which is 7,15,30,...days). I calculate lock expiration date which is lock effective date + lock term days. I am updating table with this new date. also wrote a function so lock expiration date is always false on next business day.<BR><BR> Function LockExpirDate(sdate1)<BR> if weekday(sdate1) = 1 then<BR> sdate2 = dateadd("d",1,sdate1)<BR> elseif weekday(sdate1) = 7 then<BR> sdate2 = dateadd("d",2,sdate1)<BR> else<BR> &#039nothing<BR> end if <BR> End Function<BR><BR>mlockeff = request("txt_lock_eff")<BR>MyStr = FormatDatetime(mlockeff,vbshortdate)<BR>slockeff = "to_date(&#039" & Mystr & "&#039, &#039mm/dd/yyyy&#039)"<BR><BR>slockterm = request("txt_lock_term")<BR><BR>sdate1 = dateadd("d",slockterm,mlockeff)<BR>mlockexpir = LockExpirDate(sdate1)<BR>MyStr1 = FormatDateTime(mlockexpir,vbshortdate)<BR>slockexp ir ="to_date(&#039" & Mystr1 & "&#039, &#039mm/dd/yyyy&#039)"<BR><BR>but keep getting error on mlockeff.<BR>

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    WHAT error do you get? On WHAT line?<BR><BR>

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    there are lots of wonderful date functions in vbscript.<BR><BR>one of the most interesting is DateSerial(), it silve your problem.

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