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    I am using<BR><BR>myString = Request.Form("HTML")<BR><BR>HTML = Replace( pageInfo, vbCR, "" ) <BR>arHTML = Replace(HTML, vbLF, "<BR>" ) <BR><BR>myString is gotten from a form on the former page. However if the user has an &#039 in their input the Replace crashes. However I need to allow the user to enter &#039 <BR><BR>Any advice as always is appreciated

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    Hmm,<BR><BR>Well, the trick is to do this<BR>replace(var,"&#039","&#039&#039") <BR><BR>this puts two &#039 in dbase (in sql server) it then only puts in one &#039. when you display it, it will only show one &#039 <BR><BR>so simply just do this replace of any field that can have that value and things should be okay, at least on the dbase side<BR><BR>if that doesn&#039t help, sorry

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