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    Hello, I have a question about arrays and textboxes. I am doing and assignment that will ask the user to enter a number of questions to be quizzed on (quiz1.asp). The user is then taken to quiz2.asp and given the number of questions she chose from quiz1.asp (if she chosed more it will give all of the questions available). <BR>Behind each question is a input box so the user can enter her answers. These answers are taken to quiz3.asp where it will give a list of the question asked, follwed by the user&#039s answer, followed if the user was correct.<BR><BR>My insturctor suggested of creating two arrays, (strQuestion and strAnswer) one with questions and one with corresponding answers. He suggested to use these arrays on the pages we will need them, quiz2.asp and quiz3.asp. My question is: how do I go about connecting these arrays on quiz2.asp and quiz3.asp?<BR>I did not see any examples of this in the book we are using, "Beginning ASP 3.0". Also, he suggested that on quiz3.asp, I would used strQuestionIndex in the Request.form("question"), which will cycle through the questions ask. Any tip, for this novice VB Script student?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR><BR >

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    I know that this is not very helpful, but if this is for a college assignment, don&#039t you think that your time would be best spent working it out for yourself. There&#039s obviously a pretty easy solution to the problem, because in a class of students not everyone is on the same level so all students have to be able to work it out with the resources available to them.<BR>If you want a bit of advice though go and look at arrays in a Visual Basic reference, you&#039ll get a lot more info about how they work from that as I found that ASP books tend not to give much help on basic programming techniques.<BR>Good luck anyway and I&#039m sure you&#039ll get a top grade if you keep trying

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