Original problem: I am using a popup windows with several checkboxes with the same name. Using javascript I was passing the checked values to the opener window form. Everything works great on NN/IE on a PC. It even works on IE on a Mac. However the string of values is limited to 204 characters or so using NN on a Mac.<BR><BR>Further research: I put a form with a textbox (name=tester) on page1.asp and displayed the value on page2.asp using Request("tester"). It worked great on all platforms except NN on the Mac. The string couldn&#039t be longer than about 204 characters. If it was, the extra characters were dropped.<BR><BR>My question: what&#039s up with this? Has this happened to you? How do i work around the problem?<BR><BR>PS: I tried using a textearea on page1.asp and strings longer than 204 characters were passed with no problems on the Mac NN browser. However, this isn&#039t an option as my original problem was with using checkboxes.