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    I am starting a website that sells things online. I am 99% complete, all the code is finished and the site is huge. I am low on funds and am looking for a cheap way to accept payment for goods online. I looked at and I dont like the plan. I was going to buy Microsoft Commerce Server 2000 but I dnt have the $1200 for the license. Does anyone know a quick and easy way to accomplish this? Thank you

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    Steve Cimino Guest

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    Quick and easy? Or do you mean cheap...<BR><BR>Setting up credit card processing isn&#039t very difficult, although you&#039ll wind up paying for it. There is a tutorial at that you can look at. Then you&#039ll have to dig around to get the best price possible.<BR><BR>An alternative is to go to There isn&#039t a large amount you have to layout up front. This way, you can accept checks (no credit cards though). Just an alternative.

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