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Thread: Slow web server response on queries??

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    Robert Freeman Guest

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    Ok... I&#039ve got a serious performance problem. This is using ADO to direct connect (via NET8) to Oracle. I have a fairly hefty SQL query that is taking about 2 minutes to return it&#039s results in some cases (where there is a large number of rows) and a fairly linear reduction in processing time if the rowset is smaller.<BR><BR>2 min&#039s seems a bit long to me. The query itself returns rows almost immediatly via SQL*Plus (and I&#039m not using ODBC here). I&#039m suspicious that the web server itself (MS Personal Web Server on a 90mz box right now) is the problem, yet I don&#039t see any CPU usage that indicates this. <BR><BR>Is there anything I can do on the web server side or the ASP side to help the query performance? Is there a buffer I can increase the size of the make for a bigger pipe? Any thoughts will be most apreciated.<BR><BR>Robert Freeman<BR>Oracle8i OCP<BR><BR><BR>

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    iyyappan n iyer Guest

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    i hope , i am not preaching to a master. <BR><BR>but, i have managed to speed up queries, by creating read-only recordsets.<BR><BR>r u sure, u have read-only recordsets ?

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