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    Default running an exe from asp

    hi everybody<BR><BR>my problem is i&#039ve got a link in my asp page clicking on which,an .exe has got to open and execute.can someone pls.tell me(a bit in detail pls.) how to do this.<BR><BR>thanx

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    Default AspExec or equivalent needed...

    You need a component in order to do this.<BR><BR>I *believe* that "aspExec" is a free component from that will do this.<BR><BR>You must be able to install components on your server in order to use it. This makes sense: You are going to run an executable that might very well crash the ASP engine, so ISP&#039s aren&#039t going to let you do it.<BR><BR>

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    Default You could also use the SSI #exec directive...

    ...although most references strongly sdvice against it. For more info take a look at:<BR>

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