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    Hi all,<BR><BR>I have this Javascript script block..which detects the value of <BR>the combo box.<BR><BR><BR> bBidNo.selectedIndex; <BR>txt=document.selBidForm.cmbBidNo.options[intSelIndex].text;<BR><BR>There is also a command button..when a user click , I want to take the cmbBidNo value that is txt and go to another page..<BR>Understood so far??<BR>So how exactly do i do that..?<BR>I&#039ve tried everything Querystring, session but impossible..<BR>AND the command button is not a submit type..<BR>Thanks very much for ur help.. <BR><BR>Pls mail it to me can...PLease....Thanks muah muah,..!<BR> <BR>

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    BalletChick Guest

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    Are you checking to see whether or not any of the other times you asked about this have been answered?<BR><BR>Also, the point of having a forum is for EVERYONE to learn, therefore EVERYONE should be able to see the answers to questions. In other words, it&#039s not usually a good idea to ask that answers be emailed to you... kinda&#039 defeats the purpose of all this information sharing, ya? :)<BR><BR><BR>

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    Lynn Maharet Guest

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    Hi BalletChick..<BR>For ur info I have not yet found an answer to my question about<BR>passing values fr script to ASP..and I sent a diff query bcoz i need to rephrase the question to make ppl understand them more..<BR><BR>I&#039m sorry if it caused a lot of inconvenience. I gave my e-mail because I have to log out since I only have internet access at my work. And I admit this forum has helped me a lot. Anyway thanks for correcting me.

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