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    Brandon Block Guest

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    Hi!<BR><BR>Is there a easy way to link any URL´s in a text string thats been fetched from a database?<BR><BR>

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    BalletChick Guest

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    If you mean to make the string into a &#039hot link&#039, you should simply surround it with the &#060;a href...&#062; tag. For example, if your URL is in strURL, use something like this:<BR><BR>response.write "&#060;a href=""" & strURL & """&#062;" & strURL & "&#060;/a&#062;"<BR><BR>

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    Brandon Block Guest

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    Thanx! but maybe i didnt explain the problem correct ;-) I would like to make a link of any occurance of http:// in the "text" string

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    BalletChick Guest

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    Yes, I was wondering...<BR><BR>Well, if you search (using INSTR) for all occurrences of &#039http:&#039, you should be able to do this. The problem will be correctly determining the &#039end&#039 of the URL. What is your &#039data&#039 like? For example, is this human-readable text (like magazine articles)? If so, you will have to do a fair amount of searching for the end of the URL, because it may be in the middle of a sentence and end with a space, or it may be delimited by a comma, or a period, or a question mark, etc.<BR>

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