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    What is the exect diff. between get and post method in html form.

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    They essentially do the same thing but in different ways.<BR><BR>POST: This sends form data to an asp page and the inforation is not viewable to user.<BR><BR>GET: The information is sent as a part of the URL and is viewable by the user.<BR><BR>To extract data via these methods:<BR><BR>POST:<BR><BR>MyVariable = Request.Form("Name")<BR><BR>GET:<BR><BR>MyVariable = Request.QueryString("Name")

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    In the "Post" Method values of the controls embedded in the form is passed to the next asp page thru&#039 the http headers(values are invisible).<BR>whereas "Get" method appends the controls values embedded inside the form thru&#039 the URL(Visible are visible in the url)

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