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    Paul Winfield Guest

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    I&#039ve put a site together which runs fine under IE, but in Netscape, I get problems all over the place. For instance, when the user has successfully logged on, they are redirected to a page which queries the database and shows a listing of their purchase history. Under Netscape, this page throws a http 400 error! I was under the impression that this was an error returned by the server - which would seem to implicate my asp code and not client side stuff, so why is it ok under IE?!! I&#039ve checked the obvious stuff like properly formatting tables (ie terminating rows, columns etc) and I can&#039t figure out what&#039s wrong.. has anyone had similar trouble? Is there any chance that the public will all stop using Netscape in the next few days? &#060;g&#062;<BR>

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    Igal Vorobeychik Guest

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    During your redirecting you are using patameters ,please check if there are no spaces in the parameters values because Netscape <BR>can&#039t deal with spaces :<BR><BR>mstrUser = Request.Form("UserName")<BR>Response.Redirect "some.asp?user="&mstrUser<BR><BR>(If mstrUser = "my username" then Netscape erase http error 400 and there is no error in IE)

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    Paul Winfield Guest

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    Thanks for the tip - this turns out to be exactly what the problem was. I knew I was using params with spaces embedded but I guess I took it for granted that if IE was happy, Netscape would be too.. huh!<BR><BR>Thanks again - you&#039ve saved me a whole heap of time & trouble!

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