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Thread: AddNew to recordset with memo fields

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    Alan Routledge Guest

    Default AddNew to recordset with memo fields

    I wonder if anyone can help me please? I have been working with ASP and have come across a problem when I try to use the AddNew method for a recordset which includes memo fields. The ODBC connection is to a MSACCESS97 database and I have no problem adding new records to other tables. In this situation I get error 3219 "The operation requested by the application is not allowed in this context". Removeing the memo fields removes the problem, but I DO need them.

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    Zola Guest

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    Two things: One is in an article on this site somewhere, that the memo fields must be listed last in the SQL. The second is that there MUST be something in the memo field, even if the "required" property is set to no.<BR><BR>I got around it by incorporating a couple of blank spaces in the memo fields in my form. Hope that helps.

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