After searching this messageboard and Microsoft TechNet, I have concluded that I am stuck. I have a page which gathers form data and inserts it into a database, or at least it is supposed to. The code in question is:<BR><BR>Dim iLoop<BR>For iLoop = 0 to iCount<BR>strProdCode = Request(iLoop & "ID")<BR>strProdName = Request(iLoop & "Name")<BR>strBatchesOf = Request(iLoop & "BatchesOf")<BR>strQty = Request(iLoop & "strQty")<BR>strOrderID = rs("OrderNo")<BR><BR>rst.AddNew<BR>rst("fldOrderID ") = strOrderID<BR>rst("fldProdCode") = strProdCode<BR>rst("fldProdName") = strProdName<BR>rst("fldBatchesOf") = strBatchesOf<BR>rst("fldQty") = strQty<BR>rst.update<BR>Next<BR><BR>The code works so far as it inputs the &#039strOrderID&#039 field, but it fails when it comes to the &#039strProdCode&#039 field. I have checked that the variable types are both the same, and I know that there are no &#039null&#039 values, however I can not get around the problem. <BR><BR>To test my code I took out the AddNew code and did a Response.Write to preview the data, and it appeared to be OK.<BR><BR>Does anyone have a suggestion?<BR><BR>Regards<BR><BR>Andy