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    Hi<BR>I am having problems with the page not showing the true state of the database. A page refresh cures it. I have explicitly set my browser to never cache pages but this gives the same symptoms??!.<BR>I have experimented with setting the META tag http-equiv expires and also the response.cachecontrol, response.expires, and response.addheader "pragma","no-cache".<BR>I wonder if it is something to do with the speed at which the update happens. I add an item to a basket and move onto the display basket page, where the basket is displayed minus the latest addition. Refreshing the page brings up the basket with the last item.<BR>Any suggestions??<BR><BR>Richard<BR>

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    If you use IE then response.expires=0 should help,<BR>but if Netscape then i sure want to know same thing as you...<BR>

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    Default expires=0 doesnt work

    I have inserted response.expires=0 on the pages but this still produces the problem under IE4

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